How do You Spot a Fake Online Courses?

How do You Spot a Fake Online Courses – Have you ever seen one of those ads where a person that you’ve never seen before explains to you how they started from nowhere and now they are wealthy and successful? Then they tell you that you can do the same if you follow his mentorship program and watch some random free content.

Perhaps you’ve seen them more than once in the last few weeks and you’re wondering if these guys are for real or if they are just trying to sell you useless information. Well, in this article I’m going to teach you exactly how to spot fake courses and fake gurus. Since there are so many “get rich quick” and “work 24/7” online courses, I’m going to give you the exact formula that these guys use to create a big following and scam thousands of people by leveraging their emotions and their lack of experience.

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The power of online courses. If you have or have never bought a course, you may have asked yourself this question at one point; Are Online courses worth it? The simple answer is yes, and no. Although yes, there are some good online courses, which you should buy. Most people who buy courses usually, expect them to be a perfect blueprint or a better word would be a system to achieve said goal, they want the result without having on their part to do much of the work. Thus the reason why most people who buy the courses never gain any actual value from them. Although there are a lot of courses out there that are good, there are also a lot of pathetic ones.

One could say that more than 80% of online courses are useless, or they give very broad information. One thing’s for sure: online courses do not work unless you do. But those courses that contain information on how to make more money, be successful, and be the best version of yourself, could change your life. There are many advantages of learning online (even for free, if you look hard enough). For example, you can learn anytime from anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone or any other device and an internet connection.

Also, you can easily interact with large groups of people, without having to get out of your home. The Internet saves a lot of time. Finally, if you do pick the right course and take action, you can change your financial life forever. For example, if you pay 500 dollars for a course that helps you make 1000 dollars extra the next month, you already have a 100% return on your investment.

If, however, it’s just another one of those fake courses with fake gurus, it’s only going to be a huge waste of your money and of your time. I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but there are a lot of people promoting and selling courses and trying to get you to open your wallets.

And surprisingly, it all started with those selfie-camera videos. Some random dude made an online course with the strategy that I’ll describe to you later in this article how to do X-Y and Z and made millions. Then, many other gurus and mentors followed the same path and made their fortune. And now, in the present, there are so many classes and webinars and free PDFs, that you don’t even know who to believe anymore.

It’s like a trend, a little culture, and every trend is born, has a peak, and finally ends. So How do they scam so many people? You may be wondering. So those that scam, how do they do it? The answer is, they use emotions. The fact that they create relatable situations and stories are not coincidental. Those ads and videos have this thing in common: they make you think about your life and why you’re not satisfied with it. They ask you to imagine your perfect life, having all the time in the world to spend with your family…And those are very beautiful things, but they only do it to leverage your emotions and create urgency to buy their course. We, as humans, don’t like pain and we’re willing to do anything to stop it. Those ads have as a goal to amplify your emotional pain, and then leverage their power to make you pay for the information that is supposed to solve that pain.

A great example is weight-loss ads. They promise you in 30 days or less you’ll look a certain way and lose all that weight, but in reality, you all know that the only way to lose weight is to go on a healthy diet and to exercise. But since you don’t like pain, anything that offers a shortcut you will buy into it, even though deep down you know it won’t work.

But you buy it anyways. So, now that you know how the whole fake-guru trend was born, let’s talk about how to recognize one of the fake gurus. You should, first of all, check out their social media profile, and this should tell you a lot about them.

They Continuously show off. Fake gurus always show off their possessions. I’m talking about cars, mansions, expensive hotels, money. Some of them were even called out for showing off rental cars and fake cash. There are two reasons why they would continuously show off their belongings. The first reason is: they need attention and it’s the only way to get it. To attract people, they need to look rich or show that they are rich. The other reason is: to prove that their program works, to show what’s possible with it, and to encourage you to take action.

You should look for people that focus on the second reason. That’s comprehensible, but if all they do is show you what they have, the cars and big houses, that might be a sign that they are out of valuable content and they aren’t legit. Also, fake gurus tend to be very vague and broad about any subject.

When they answer questions, the answer sounds the same every time, and they always tell you that to “really” understand it, you need to buy the course. So they put their product as a solution to everything. So the whole point of the ad you watched is to create urgency and have you subscribe to their mailing list, watch the webinar, or download the pdf. And here’s a very crucial part. In this PDF, webinar, or whatever free content, they HAVE to provide value. If they don’t teach you anything in the free sample, chances are they will teach you nothing in the paid program. But it isn’t that easy to recognize if they are providing value, especially if you don’t know a lot about the subject.

How do You Spot a Fake Online Courses?

Let’s take a look at this example: Mario is creating an online course on how to make $10,000 every month with clever stock market investments. Let’s say this caught your attention and so you signed up for the free webinar, then you watched the webinar.

What are some of the red flags you should look for? Here are some clues:

  1. Too much motivational content: some motivation is ok, but if you realize that everything he says is about the power of the mind and tree-hugging quotes and nonsense, you shouldn’t trust him.
  2. He repeats himself: no one is going to believe that a 20 minutes webinar can change their lives, so they need to create longer webinars to look like it contains a lot of information. But if you’re listening, you might notice that they say the same thing over and over. This is especially easy to notice if you take notes.
  3. Big closing process. To convince you to buy their product, they probably going to make you watch more than one webinar while downloading several PDFs, and reading their daily emails for the quote on quote “preparation phase”. This is all to get you to familiarize yourself with them and ultimately make you click BUY. And you can also use these techniques with PDFs, emails, ebooks, and more.

How to create the perfect online-course scam. Now you know how to recognize a fake online course, and you’re almost scam-proof. But do you know what’s the best way to know what you’re dealing with? Doing it, so now let’s create your own “online course scam”!

Step number one Record your video.  Don’t worry, you don’t need a professionally produced video! That’s too expensive, and we’re going to spend all of our money on advertising. The video’s pretty easy to record, you don’t even really need a script. Just take your smartphone out of your pocket, flip the camera, and start recording.

As I said, you don’t even need a script, all you need to do is show off your Lamborghini. Don’t have a Lambo? No worries, you can always rent one, it’s not even that expensive. After you show off your impressive possessions, it’s time to start talking to your audience. You don’t need to say hi, just tell them about their sad lives. Go for something like “are you struggling with a 9-5 job that you hate? Do you want to make more money?” Just keep making obvious and widely correct points that will be relatable with about 85% of the audience.

Then tell them that the solution is contained in your 2 hours long free webinar, where you show them the “SECRET FORMULA” that they can use to become rich and happy, just like you. Now you need to promote your video with 500,000 dollars, to reach everyone.

But obviously, the webinar is only going to describe you and how happy you are because of the information contained in the actual course. For 2 hours worth of videos and slides, you are going to tell stories about how you went from being very poor to very rich, very quickly. Good, the first part is completed. By now you probably have the attention of a few thousand people, and that’s great!

The next step is to get them to familiarize themselves with you, your product, and your style, to make them comfortable with you. And what better way to make them comfortable with you than “spending time” with them Just get them to subscribe to your mailing list to receive their awesome formula: “5 steps to BILLIONS quicker than you think”. You’ll send them a big PDF with some random advice, and then for the next week, you are going to send them daily content with quotes, motivation, and more useless stuff. After 7 weeks, you have successfully transformed the savings of thousands of people into useless knowledge that they will probably never use!

So in conclusion, it isn’t that hard to create this content. It is very easy for many people to fall victim to these fake gurus, so please, share this video around to raise awareness. As I said, online courses are very effective, especially if you find those that are good, and then take action. But if you’re looking to “get rich quick”, you’re going to be very disappointed by the lack of results. So don’t waste your money!

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