5 Unusual How Rich People Make Money

How Rich People Make Money – We might not realize that, but our thoughts and behavior can be easily manipulated even by the weather. It’s possible to change your behavior and thoughts Just by changing the temperature of the room. Studies have shown that when people are asked to judge criminals’ behavior! The person in the hot room described the criminal as hot-tempered and spontaneous, while the person who was in the cold room believed that the same criminal is cold-blooded and calculative.

Imagine if you are the criminal standing in front of the judge. Your future might depend on the temperature of the room. But that’s not the only way to manipulate us. Companies and politicians have been trying to discover ways to manipulate us since the beginning of our existence. Businesses spend billions of dollars every single year to study our behavior to find more effective ways to manipulate us to buy their products, vote for them, or benefit them in any way.

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So let’s try to find how companies and politicians are manipulating us to make more money? What strategies are they using to fill their pockets at the expense of our ignorance?

How Rich People Make Money

1. Monetise emotions

After the first world war, many women started getting independent, working in factories like men, and some started to smoke. Smoking was not popular among women, and it was considered something that only guys do. That’s when American Tobacco Industry Hired Edward Bernays to get the woman to smoke.

Before him, advertising was simple. When advertising a car, the seller talked about the characteristics of the car such as speed, reliability, and efficiency. And did not brainwash the young people of what a great man you become when you drive Austin Martin. No one has even thought that it’s possible to manipulate the kids so that they manipulate their parents.

Bernays understood that when you talk about the characteristics of the product, people often think with their minds and make rational decisions. But when you target their emotions, they make irrational decisions. So, he started advertising Cigarettes as a sign of woman’s freedom. He took advantage of the feminist movement. He hired the woman and organized rallies where these women had to smoke.
They would say: “Women!
Light another torch of freedom!
The media quickly spread the word, and Smoking became the symbol of freedom for women. But Bernays did not stop there. He started advertising that on newspapers, radios, and everywhere else. This strategy might seem too simple to work, but over the next few decades, one-third of American women started to smoke.

That’s how propaganda became the foundation of modern marketing. But of course, the most successful companies are the ones that you do not even suspect. For some reason, we believe that everyone should be on Instagram, drink coca-cola, or drive a Ferrari is a sign of success. According to Bernays, there are three steps to effective propaganda.

  • First, massive repetition. Advertise everywhere for as long as possible. It’s important to take as much space as possible in your mind. That’s why you don’t have to look for propaganda, it’s already discussed by the people around you.
  • The second step is to convince you that you are a smart, intelligent person who makes decisions independently. Because the moment you realize that someone else is pushing to do something, you will do otherwise.
  • The final step is emotional association. Apple associates its products always with family, happiness, and success. So owning an Apple product means you are cool and successful. That’s why most people will not realize that they are under manipulation. They will give you a million reasons why that handbag is worth 10K dollars.

2. Lock you into two false options

Have you ever wondered how people in power manipulate the masses! Imagine we have some kind of truth and false. Your job is to remove the truth from the sphere of the view of the person that we are trying to manipulate. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of it. You can simply distract people from it by drawing their attention to something else. But humans naturally search and analyze. If you leave someone with a lie, the human mind will find an alternative.

But when you separate the lie into two parts, everything changes (Lie number 1, lie number 2) The human mind starts thinking that one of them is the truth, so it chooses the best option and calms down, thinking that he has found the truth when in reality, that’s just another lie.

For example, we are told: we either get rid of immigrants and get back our jobs or keep them and stay unemployed! The choice is yours! But they don’t tell you that you can have both of them! They push your mind to choose between two false solutions!
If someone falls under this kind of manipulation, he would not ask himself why he even has to choose!
You are told: socialism or capitalism?
But none of these systems can exist without the other!
They say: you can either try to get rich but be unhappy or stay average and be happy!
Because eventually, money can’t buy happiness! But they don’t tell you that you can be super-rich and super happy at the same time!
This is often done through 3 steps!

First, artificially create a problem that attracts attention. The bad guys on the other side of the world want to nuke us! If we don’t do something, we will be destroyed! This noise distracts people! The problem might be real, but it’s often wildly exaggerated!
Then we are given two solutions. We either live in peace but under threat or attack that country and solve the problem. Finally, come up with two small groups of people who will generate a lot of noise! one that passionately supports the war while the other that promotes peace and that will divide the entire society!

But none of these options are good for society. They just benefit the politicians and their friends! This method is often used to distract people from real problems but also as a marketing strategy. Corporations artificially create problems to make some noise and draw attention to their products to boost sales.

3. Manipulate your environment

If you have ever been in a hypermarket such as Walmart, you probably realized that it doesn’t have windows, and that’s not by accident. They don’t want you to have a clue of what period of the day it is so that you spend more time in the store.
When you are outside, you notice that it’s already evening, time to go home but inside the mall, it feels the same. Yes, of course, you can pull out your phone and check the time, but what if your phone runs out of battery? Try looking around to find a clock. You won’t.
They even purposefully set the time incorrectly on the gadgets that are on display in case if you check them out! Everything is designed in such a way that you forget about the time.

4. Manipulate your behavior

You probably think that the video cameras in the stores exist to prevent theft. That’s true, but they are also used to analyze customer behavior. They want to know how much time do you spend with each product to understand your behavior and come up with a more effective strategy. That’s why with AmazonGo, it will be way easier to predict your behavior. They have already analyzed your height and carefully placed the most expensive items at your eye level so that you come across them first.

If you take a look at lower shelves, prices are a bit cheaper, and at the bottom are placed the cheapest items because most people won’t even look at them. Except for the kids because that’s their eye level. That’s why toys or sweets that are targeted at kids are usually placed right there on the bottom! Even the price tags are carefully chosen to play around with your mind.

When I was a kid, I was wondering why on earth all prices end with 99. I mean, why would you make it 9.99 if you could make it 10. That single cent won’t make any difference. But it turns out that they carefully studied our brains and realized that we don’t pay much attention to the last digits as much as we do to the first digits—That’s why you might consider buying the new iPhone because it’s under a thousand dollars (999$). As simple as it might sound, it works.

That’s why it’s used everywhere! Another simple and yet very effective method is huge Trolleys. Have you ever questioned why trolleys are so big that most people can’t even fill half of them? Ideally, it would be great if there would be different sizes, but unfortunately, hypermarkets know that when you look at the empty trolley, it arouses your feeling of emptiness and pushes you to buy more.

Especially when you look around and realize that other people’s trolleys are full while yours only has milk and bread. Speaking of milk and bread, which are the essential products that everyone buys. They are carefully placed at every corner of the store. Milk is in one corner, eggs on the other, while the bread is on the opposite side. And that’s not by accident.

They want you to walk around the store and buy all the amazing things they have! And, the worst part of it is that they frequently change the location of the eggs, for example. They know that you are coming for them, so why not take a short tour around the store to find them out. You might like some of the other things they have!

5. Black Fridays

I couldn’t let this video end without it! Black Fridays usually end with fights because prices are low while goods are limited. It’s just another marketing strategy. They happen throughout the year when the new collection arrives; you gotta get rid of the old ones. And what could be a better way than letting people fight for whatever is left! Weather manipulation is good or bad. I will leave that for you to answer.

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