How To Achieve A Goal Successfully

How To Achieve A Goal Successfully – A lot of people complain that they are not motivated to achieve their goals they have been setting goals many times and they have never achieved any of them which created this big doubt in themselves.

How To Achieve A Goal Successfully

The problem with goals is that they seem very simple which leads most people to not take them very seriously. Here is where the biggest issue is when it comes to setting goals. if your goals do not resonate with values that you deeply believe in, then I can guarantee you that you are not going to achieve them.

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Because if you rely on motivation to achieve your goals, then you are doing a big mistake, motivation comes and goes, you can’t always be motivated, but if its something that you believe, you are internally persuaded to accomplish this then you will stick to these goals until you achieve them. When I was a kid I just hated books, I barely could read a book for 5 minutes, and that even would happen if I get inspired and motivated sometimes, but when I understood how important it for me to read these books, I just started reading them weather I am motivated or not.

Your beliefs are your values, so if your goals resonate with your values then you are most probably not going to achieve them. Another important reason why a lot of people if not the majority do not achieve their goals is because they think that they have goals when in reality they don’t. Most people don’t differentiate between goals and dreams. Let me explain the difference here, a lot of people have this common goal, I want to get rich, this sentence has a very broad meaning and doesn’t specify anything, and it’s simply a wish, and it’s impossible to achieve it.

I mean, let me ask you something that does rich mean, does it means having luxury cars, a luxury lifestyle, or just being financially independent, having enough money that can cover all your day to day needs that you don’t have to work again, or maybe it means being An entrepreneur who creates products or services that bring value to people. You see when you don’t have a clear image in your mind what exactly do you want.

You won’t be motivated to achieve it in the first place, it’s just something in your mind that you thought about but never clearly understood what is it exactly which might just stay as a wish that might never be achieved. The single most important factor that will determine whether you are going to achieve a certain goal is the clarity of it. Instead of saying that my goal is to start reading books this year, specify exactly what books you want to read and why you want to read them. Even if the goal is specific it’s not necessarily going to be effective unless it can be measured.

Indeed, there is this golden rule in management that says: if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. So when it comes to wealth again, let’s say you want to start saving, by simply saying that you want to save, you can’t manage your performance, let’s say, you save a hundred dollar or 1k dollar, how much of your goal have you achieved.

Although that it seems obvious that you should be able to measure your goals yet most of us don’t apply it, just take a look at your goals and see how many of them are measurable.
To make your goal more effective, it should be realistic, you are earning 50K and suddenly you want to jump into a million dollars within a year which sounds more to be a wish than a practical goal.

You can’t work with wishes, you should be fully persuaded that you can achieve this goal, that’s why your goals should be within your abilities, of course, you should never underestimate yourself but your goals should not be too big that they seem more like a wish than a goal, at the same time, if you set simple goals that are easy to achieve, you will not take them seriously because you know that they won’t have a significant effect in your life.

And every goal that doesn’t have a deadline is not good, setting goals is important but what is more important is writing them down. everyone says I have goals in my life, if you ask them where is it, oh it’s in my mind, so what happens the next day, you don’t exactly remember because you haven’t written them down, what about a month later.

You have to write them and review them every single day and what I would suggest is, stick on them somewhere that you can see them always. We, humans, are creatures who always forget, we get constantly distracted, so to stay focused, you should keep them in front of you.

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