How to Gain Power: Mastery by Robert Greene

How to Gain Power – I remember my dad once asked me, son! What are your plans? So I replied, dad I am planning to become an author. He looked at me and said, what? Son, Are you all right? Listen, son, one of my friends is the author of 3 books but now he is sleeping in the streets and can’t afford even a house, I am your dad and I know what’s best for you.

The demand for auditors in the market is growing so you better become an auditor, you will more likely to find a good job. so later when I started getting the same replies from everyone around, I started thinking that maybe my dad is right, maybe being an auditor is not that bad, I mean it’s more secure and maybe during my free time, I can write.

How to Gain Power: Mastery by Robert Greene

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Look, to master something and become a guru in that field, you need to spend thousands of hours to achieve that and if you are not motivated internally, you won’t be able to do that, Maybe I will find a better job in the beginning and maybe I will make some money but I will not feel the joy of working for 15 hours without even realizing how fast those hours have passed. And if I work in that industry, I would probably look at my watch every 5 min, when my job is going to finish so I can go back home.

So the whole point here is don’t let society decide your destiny You are probably asking, how is that related to gaining power? Look at the most powerful people in the world, there is one thing common among all of them, there are all masters of their fields, they are all unique, they all have spent thousands of hours to master their field, Starting from the masters of the past to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs there is no one like them and will never be somewhere in the future, You are not going to become a master just by getting a Ph.D., its that unique experience combined with a piece of deep knowledge is what makes u a master.

The reason why most people never become masters is that they fake themselves either because they want to fit in the society and do what their parents are telling them to do or they are blindly motivated by wrong reasons such as money, fame, attention, and so on. So, Avoid the false path and don’t let society choose your destiny. Another reason why most of us don’t make it, is we don’t know what we want, You might want to become a software engineer, but when you grew up you realized that you want to become a doctor but you ended up studying finance and your first job was in media, that’s what usually happens.

You have to understand that, it’s not like one day, you wake up and you know exactly what you want, it happens sometimes, but it’s very rare. Instead, you should see your carrier as a journey with twists and turns rather than a straight line. You begin by choosing a field or position that roughly corresponds to your inclinations. This initial position offers you a chance to learn important skills.

You might be graduated with MBA but you have a strong interest in software engineering, and you have working experience in different industries which helped you to understand people and the environment which we are going to talk about in the next video, and you mix all of them and you create something mind-blowing and that’s how you become a master.

So, combine your knowledge and experience by getting deep into your field to find your perfect niche. When we choose a field or when we find a job, we feel that we are somehow connected to that field and we can’t change anymore, that’s a series of problems, you should always keep in mind that, you are only loyal to your life’s task, you are not loyal to any company, position or anyone else.

So just because you have a degree in that field, it does not mean that you should stay in that field, always remember that you are not loyal to anyone except your life’s task.

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