5 Steps: How to Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear – Fear is something that is within all of us, some of us are afraid of not being able to pay our bills, others want to learn to drive but are afraid to give it a try. Most of us have almost the same fears. But fear is not that bad as we think of it, indeed fear is the reason why we would think twice before doing something or making a decision, if you are completely fearless you would do probably lots of stupid things.

Anyways, fear is still stopping us from doing what we want, from having a better life, from achieving our dreams and goals, so here is how you can overcome your fears. Understanding what makes you fear sounds too simple, but that’s the root of the problem itself, most people don’t know what exactly makes them fear.

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If you just think about it, fear is not real, it’s a perception or imagination in your mind, your mind is dreaming or imagining some sort of things out there and your job is to bring it back to the present so that you start thinking rationally. It’s something that we have created in our minds. let’s say for example you are afraid to go to the dentist, I was afraid for many years to go to the dentist, so whenever they start doing something to my teeth, I would close my eyes and get nervous and stressed, the only thing I would want at that moment is for that to finish, it was like the hell for me.

Defiantly they would give me that drug that I won’t feel any pain but still, I was afraid. So the reason I was afraid is that I had this image in my mind that it’s painful. So if I would stop imagining that, that fear would go away.

Let’s take another example, let’s say you have a job interview. You are getting stressed and nervous about it because you are afraid. You see, when things are not certain, our minds start imagining and that’s what exactly makes you fear. Let’s consider this, what if you already know that you will be accepted because your Dad is the CEO of this company, and he promised you that you will get the job, will you be afraid now? Not at all, because you know u will be accepted, things are certain now so your mind stops imagining and creating this false perception in your mind which is fear.

5 Steps: How to Overcome Fear

1. Get Back To Present

What I would suggest from my experience is that, when you get afraid of something, be it from public speaking, whatever, you start loving yourself, you start panicking when you do that, you stop thinking rationally, your conscious mind is not there anyone. Your emotions already took control of you, because fear is some sort of emotion what you have to do in this sort of situation is to calm down and relax no matter how big is that issue, yes I mean, even if it cost you everything, the first thing you have to do to relax because if you make a decision base on your emotions, most likely you won’t like it later on, so the way to relax when you are afraid of something is to simply breathe deeply and focus on it.
Take a deep breath and concentrate on it so that you came back to the present.

2. Practice

For the first time to overcome any fear would be a bit difficult for some people, so the way to deal with it is to practice, like for instance, if you are afraid of driving, go and drive if you are afraid of heights, go to the top of your building and start looking down from the balcony and start breathing slowly and concentrating on it to bring back your conscious mind to present.

Don’t worry if you don’t succeed for the first time, but trust me, with a little bit of practice, you will be able to do that in any situation and under any circumstances because you will learn how to control your mind in this kind of situations. Be optimistic / focus on what you will gain out of conquering your fear instead of what you will lose focus on something positive you will get out of it, to motivate your mind to not only just overcome the fear but to be excited about it.

To overcome it with passion and strength, first of all, you will conquer your fear faster than you expect, secondly, you will enjoy the process. It will encourage you to overcome other fears in your life. It will boost your confidence and will make you better.

Let’s go back to our interview example, there are 2 possible outcomes, either you get the job or not, if you get the job, well-done congrats, but if you don’t get the job, you got the experience that will help you to do better in the next interview. Focus your mind on that positive outcome you will gain out of it no matter how it will end up. Take action “Inaction breeds doubt and fear.

3. Action Breeds Confidence And Courage.

If You Want To Conquer Fear, Do Not Sit Home And Think About Tt.

4. Go Out And Get Busy.

”Dale Carnegie: if you keep running away from your fears, it will never disappear unless you fight, if you try to take away your mind from it by trying to entertain yourself in some way, you will not overcome it. You have to face it and defeat it. Fear is something very unexpected, and even if you defeat once, it might come again, so in other words, your job is not to only defeat the fear but to learn how to defeat it so that whenever it comes back again, you know how to deal with it.
Let’s recap everything,

  • Understand what makes you fear: find out the real reason behind your fear
  • Get back to the present: bring your mind back by breathing deeply
  • Practice: don’t give up if you fail for the first time, you might need some practice.
  • Focus on what you will gain: focus on the positive thing you will get out of it.

5. Take Action

Finally don’t expect to overcome your fear by not doing anything, take action I had a lot of fears, from going to the dentist, the fear of heights, was afraid of public speaking, the fear of not being able to pay my bills and the list goes and this is how I defeated all of them. I hope that these tips will help you to overcome whatever fear you have, no matter what it is. Trust me it will give you peace of mind.

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