Psychological Tricks to Make Someone Do What You Want

Psychological Tricks – As I was watching the game of thrones last week, it reminded me of what Robert Greene talks about in 48 laws of power or dale carnage in how to win friends and influence people. Now, when we ask for help, we always appeal to other people’s mercy, especially with our friends and family member, we think that they should help us because we have helped them before or simply because they are close to us. it looks very nice, but unfortunately, it does not work always.

Psychological Tricks to Make Someone Do What You Want

I mean, come on, most of the time, you don’t get the help that you need, It’s not because people are evil and don’t want to help you, but rather they are naturally “trapped in their wants and desires.

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Most people start from the assumption that the people they are appealing to have a selfless interest in helping them. They talk as if their needs mattered to these people—who probably couldn’t care less” and the idea here is “WHEN ASKING FOR HELP, APPEAL TO PEOPLE’S SELF-INTEREST, NEVER TO THEIR MERCY OR GRATITUDE” Because even the most powerful person is locked inside needs of his own, and that if you do not appeal to his self-interest, he merely sees you as desperate or, at best, a waste of time.”

Every person you deal with is like another culture, an alien land with a past that has nothing to do with yours. Yet you can bypass the differences between you and him by appealing to his self-interest. In-game of thrones, you find this guy constantly using this strategy to survive and win every situation.

For example in this situation, he knows that she wants to kill him, he doesn’t ask her to leave him but he starts appealing to her interest, you might think that he is suitable for this scenario, but then he does the same thing in all other situations. He uses the same strategy with everyone, even with those with whom it’s hard to implement. The point of all these is that There is an art to asking for help, an art that depends on your ability to understand the person you are dealing with, and to not confuse your needs with theirs.

It might be just a series, but the reality is the same thing, don’t remind people of the good things you did to them and rely on their mercy to help you, because “they will find a way to ignore you. Instead, uncover something in your request, that will benefit him.
Understand that people do naturally put their interests as a priority. Once you make them see how you can in some way meet their needs, you will find them running to you to help you.

You must train yourself to think your way inside the other person’s mind, to see their needs and interests, to get rid of the screen of your feelings that obscure the truth. Master this art and there will be no limits to what you can accomplish.

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