8 Real Ways to Make Money From Home for Free Online

Real Ways to Make Money From Home for Free Online – How to make massive wealth with the internet hey guys, I hope you’ve had a great day so in today’s video I’m going to be giving you guys ideas. Which you can use to make money on the internet. There has never been an easier time to make money online the internet has massively disrupted the ¬≠traditional way of doing almost everything and we can all see the impact it’s had on the way we live, play, work, shop, and socialize.

These disruptions of a scale never witnessed before have brought in their wake numerous problems that require even more innovative solutions. There’s a lot of money to be made by providing practical solutions to these problems. That is the simplicity of making money online. In my opinion, the internet is the new oil and anyone willing to take advantage of this opportunity will in no time reap the due benefits. All it takes is one brilliant idea and then boom you’re in the bracket of billionaires.

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I dare say that it’s only the internet that can leverage a simple idea into something of global significance. Anyone around Vinton surf or bob khan should please give them a bottle of beer the bills are on me. These gentlemen deserve all the accolades that come their way not only did their invention help revolutionize our concept of doing things. It also helped open doors that many wouldn’t have thought existed.

Several ways exist to take advantage of the ever-growing popularity of the internet and hit the seven-figure target we all dream about. However, you must be prepared and willing to put in the work while there’s a lot of money to be made from the internet it’s not easy money. You may have to learn new skills work on negative habits but most importantly work on your mindset.

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The internet is massive and there are a plethora of different ways to make money from it and some of these ways could be your passport into the six-figure club. But most importantly you must learn to strike while the iron is hot, especially when it comes to monetizing your ideas. Internet money loves speed and your idea can quickly become somebody’s own before you even know it.

8 Real Ways to Make Money From Home for Free Online

1. Mobile App Development

if you’re an avid and skilled programmer and you have an idea for an app that can solve a certain problem then you’re not far from becoming wealthy there are millions of apps on the google play store and apple app store. So your idea must be truly unique solves a pressing problem and have a ready market for it to be hugely profitable.

Flipit.com is a great website to sell or purchase mobile apps, if you can’t find a market for your app or if you want to buy a money-making app. Drew Houston had an idea for online storage that you can access from anywhere in the world and went on to invent dropbox.

Today it’s worth over eight billion dollars on the capital market. Eric Yuan also took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, he grew his revenue to over 110 with the zoom app, which rendered face-to-face meetings redundant. Several other billionaires have taken advantage of the human need to have things easier by building apps around a unique problem-solving idea.

2. e-Commerce Store

Another great way to make money online is by starting an e-commerce website and online store. People love shopping and the internet has made it extremely easy for anyone to buy their heart’s desire. According to Statista, e-Commerce sales are projected to reach 6.5 trillion dollars by 2023. There is a lot of money to be made online and one great way to make money is by starting an online store.

If you’re thinking of starting an online shop you’ll need some sort of eCommerce website builder. Luckily for you, there are plenty of great website builders which you can use to have your store set up and running. The great news is they require little to no programming skills. Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify are just a few that come to mind. Of course, you’re going to need something to sell, and a great reputable platform to source products from is alibaba.com. They’re a solid platform to source products and you can find whatever you’re looking for thanks to their over one hundred thousand global suppliers. So when you’re looking for quality products to sell you can browse their forty major categories and find something to source and sell.

So let’s hypothetically assume you wanna sell this smartphone camera gear on your website. At first glance, it looks like a pretty cool selfie stick, so obviously, you want to get something from a reputable supplier and you can do that by checking their verification. This guy over here has a gold supplier badge, meaning that they’re a gold supplier with quality products when you place orders you can also use trade assurance at alibaba.com. To get payment security and protection for your order so if a situation ever arises where you have issues with the product quality or shipment. You can get your money back or come to some other resolution if you click on the supplier.

3. YouTube

Now, this makes the list because of the opportunities it has availed to thousands of incredibly talented people. In the entertainment industry as well as other fields. Justin Bieber first shot into fame and fortune on youtube and went on to make over 108 million dollars in the first two years of his already booming career and is currently worth over 265 million dollars. Also, singer Duo Carmen landed a million-dollar deal after their cover of look at me now went viral on youtube.

If you have a talent that deserves to be heard you don’t have to get certified in any way to make this happen. Hundreds of thousands of people are making good money every year here on youtube. With Youtube, you can make thousands and even millions of dollars with ads sponsorships, selling merchandise, and courses and with affiliate links among others. If you have something to share with the world then make videos about them and upload them here on youtube and start making money with your passion. Create a channel and in little or no time at all, you could go viral and have a great career.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the easiest e-commerce models to start making some cash as a beginner and anyone can do this from anywhere. You simply sell a product from a manufacturer most drop shippers source them from China then sells them for a higher price and the best part is you don’t have to own any inventory. Once someone buys from you online the transaction is directed to the manufacturer or supplier of the goods. Who packs and ships the purchased item to the buyer. All this is done online and you never actually see the product. Some drop shippers source their products from platforms such as Oberlo, Aliexpress among others.

Alright so now once you’ve got your product you can use Shopify or Amazon to sell the products. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of starting from scratch. You can buy established money-making Shopify or amazon, FBA stores on platforms like flippa.com, exchangemarketplace.com, latonas.com, and empireflippers.com.

Among others as a drop shipper like I said earlier, you make money by marking up the cost of each item and you won’t have to invest in physical infrastructures like shops inventory and even warehouses. Drop Shippers who are willing to put in the work will always smile at the bank.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank.com, amazon associates, and Rakuten are just a few great affiliate marketing platforms. Affiliate marketing involves the simple process of promoting other people’s products for a commission. When you become an affiliate for a product you’ll get a unique link that you can put up on your blog post or Twitter handle, whenever your site visitors click on the link and ultimately make a purchase you’ll earn a commission for the sale.

You can be a millionaire by leveraging the internet to build a massive following with a blog or social media as a medium and one of the ways you can monetize. Your online fame is through affiliate marketing as an authority in your niche you’ll have built credibility and trust hence any products you recommend will influence your readers to buy. There are a lot of affiliate programs on the internet that allow you to promote physical goods and intangibles like software, courses, ebooks, and more. Affiliate marketers can make a six-figure income depending on the niche or product they promote.

6. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to make money online. As a blogger, you harness the remarkable potential of the web to reach out to millions of people all over the world. You can share your ideas, teach, motivate, and ultimately influence others through your ideas and experience.

Although you can blog just about any topic and amass followers some of the more popular blogs are on the topics of internet money, finances, health, relationship, and personal development. The blog space is crowded for sure but if you have a unique insight and write in a way that captivates your readers you can stand out from the crowd and build an extensive readership. And that’s when the magic starts happening companies will approach you to put up their adverts on your site, where they are sure it will be seen by millions of eyeballs and the best part is you’ll get paid handsomely for this.

Yet another way to monetize your blog is by selling stuff; your products or other people’s products could be affiliating for physical products from amazon and other stores or selling ebooks and courses. however, it takes significant time and effort, to get your blog off the ground, and running consistency is key here you won’t get anywhere. If after three months without seeing significant growth you run to the next shiny object as always if you have some money and don’t want to start from scratch you can buy already money-making websites and e-commerce stores on websites like Flippa exchange Latinas among others.

7. Freelancing

Thousands of people have made a fortune from freelancing selling their services to any client who’s willing to pay for it. The internet has made it possible to find and work for clients from any part of the world. Even better still from the comfort of your bedroom or by any exotic beach. You work at your own time on projects you choose to and from any location.

But to make good money from freelancing you must have exceptional skills in your field. In the US alone there are over 57 million freelancers selling services like web design, writing graphics, design mobile app development, editing, etc. Therefore to stand out and demand the kind of pay that will put you in the league of millionaires you must strive to be in the top one percent of your field. The internet makes it easier to find clients. although not mandatory it helps to have a website where you host your portfolio to be seen by prospective clients.

A good site also makes you more legit and professional. you can look for clients by identifying those who might be interested in what you have to offer and pitching directly to them. there are also several freelancing sites and forums which make getting clients a breeze. freelancer Upwork and Fiverr are some of the more popular freelance platforms. if you’re ambitious enough you could quickly become wealthy by selling your top-notch services to several individuals or companies who are always willing to pay good money for them.

8. Online Courses and Tutorials

If you’re more knowledgeable than the vast majority in any given field then you could make good money by sharing your knowledge and expertise on the internet. With the internet, you can reach a broad audience and teach from the comfort of your home. You can create online courses and charge money for people to access them. Selling online courses is a great source of passive income that continues to rake in cash for you even when you sleep.

You can build authority in your niche with your website and host your training programs and course there. But bear in mind that this option means you’ll have to market your information products yourself. Alternatively, you can sign up with a tutoring company such as Udemy or Coursera and have them do all the marketing for you. Although being independent allows you to have all the profit from the sales of your products. Partnering with an established company gives you access to a broad base of prospects without you having to engage in a lot of marketing.

In conclusion, the fun fact about internet wealth is that you require little or no capital investment to start reaping massive profit. The only requirement to succeed on the internet is your hard work resolute commitment and consistency.

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