How To Become a Shiba Inu Coin Millionaire With Less Than a $100

Shiba Inu Coin Millionaire – Take a look at this graph. This is how a recently hyped cryptocurrency was growing. At first glance, nothing seems super unordinary. It’s normal for assets to jump, fall and grow like Tesla stock or bitcoin or whatever other assets it could be. However, when you look at the numbers, Shiba Inu is an entirely different story that nothing like it exists in the market. While there are many examples of great investments, nothing comes close to people who invested in Shiba just around a year ago.

Shiba Inu Coin Millionaire

Even Warren Buffett wouldn’t come close! Even though he is sitting on a pile of wealth worth over 100 billion dollars, or to be more precise, 104 billion dollars. A year ago, no one knew about this coin. You can see that in the way it was growing, just a slim line that’s barely moving. However, a secret investor threw 8K dollars into this coin, not a big sum but a lot for an unknown coin. No one knows whether he is one of the developers, someone who is involved in the project, or a random person who accidentally came across this coin.

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Regardless of who he is, his 8K dollars grew to 5.7 billion dollars when Shiba hit its record high price. I don’t know about you but turning 8K into almost 6 billion dollars in under a year is mind-blowing. Doesn’t matter how you do it. You have to be super lucky. Probably that’s what attracted so many people to invest in Shiba, who doesn’t want some quick cash, or let me be a bit more precise, who doesn’t want a few billion dollars?

Even if you make a few million dollars, that’s enough. You have won the lottery. All that is left for you to do is throw it into a stable asset and enjoy the rest of your life. The first real spike was back in May, it wasn’t that big, but it certainly attracted some attention. However, what happened in the past month broke the internet. The price increased by almost 900 percent, and in the last 12 months, the price rose by 90.3 million percent? What? Yes, you heard that right! 90.3 million percent! Is that even possible? Apparently, yes, but only in the world of crypto!

That’s how you turn 8K dollars into 6 billion. I think most of the developers have earned more money than they would spend in their entire lives. What I don’t understand about crypto is why on earth every hyped crypto is named after a dog. Remember Dogecoin? It’s a great coin, of course, but the market is filled with similar coins in the market and it’s not fundamentally different, but just because it’s named after a dog, everyone jumped in, including the world’s richest man, and hyped the price to the moon. Whoever rode this wave is lucky. I mean, good for them. They have turned pennies into fortunes. However, it’s not always the case!

Crypto is still at that stage where it’s trying to form itself so the industry is filled with scam coins. Let’s take a recent example of the Squid Game coin. When I came across this coin, I wasn’t surprised because apparently, even the Shiba coin that broke the internet was also created as a joke. At this point, nothing can be surprising. We can expect anything. If tomorrow Shiba is going to be worth more than Apple, I wouldn’t even care because Crypto is getting out of hand. And we thought back in 2017 that crypto was getting out of control. Only if we knew what was coming.

Whoever came up with the idea to name the coin Squid Game is genius! Because the show is trending all over the internet. The coin was launched in October and was trading for 0.06 dollars until the beginning of November when the price first jumped to 13 dollars, then to 36 dollars, and finally was the biggest spike to $2,861 before it plummeted to zero. Yes, it was a scam. The anonymous hucksters behind a Squid Game cryptocurrency have officially pulled the rug on the project, making off with an estimated $3.38 million. Some people lost their entire lives savings. And this is not a unique came. If you look at the industry, scam coins are everywhere, and that’s exactly what you should expect in a new industry where most people don’t understand how it works like people didn’t understand how the internet works in the 2000s.

Never invest any money in any coin that you are not ready to lose. Any crypto investment should be the money that if you would lose, won’t affect your life. But Shiba is an entirely different case because, at the time of this script, it has a market cap of 36.5 billion dollars. It’s bigger than many of the companies that are trading in the stock market such as Pinterest or Robinhood.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are together now worth more than 388 of the companies on the S&P 500. Can you comprehend that? Even the biggest wall street investors don’t make that much money. Shiba was created for the sole purpose of making fun of Dogecoin, but now its valuation has exceeded Dogecoin. But the question is, what makes Shiba so different. Shiba is based on the Ethereum network. Remember when we talked about ethereum, it’s not just a cryptocurrency but a platform upon which you can build other currencies or any other crypto project. Even Mark Cuban said that: ethereum has the most upside’ as a crypto investment.

But let’s get back to Shiba, how many Shiba coins are there. If you check their website, Shiba started with 1 quadrillion tokens. Do you even know how many zeroes a quadrillion has? This many! You don’t have to count them, I am just gonna tell you, 15! 1 quadrillion is 1000 trillion. That’s why if check the Shiba price, it started with $0.0000000001 per coin. What if you had purchased 1 dollar with of Shiba coins in January of this year, you would have become a Shiba millionaire because you single dollar could have got you 12.5 million Shiba coins and a thousand dollars of Shiba coins back then would have turned you into a billionaire with a net worth of 12.5 billion Shiba coins.

You have missed your chance to become a Billionaire and overtake even Elon musk. But Shiba has grown dramatically since then to $0.00006610 per token, so 1 dollar worth of Shiba will no longer make you a millionaire but it’s still less than 100 dollars. So, how do you become a Shiba millionaire? But before you do that, you have to understand a few things. There are a lot of Shiba price predictions.

If Shiba is going to reach 1 dollar, which seems like peanuts, even a small investment in Shiba today will easily turn into millions of dollars if not billions. But even if the price hits 0.1 dollars, it’s still going to be a great investment, but what people don’t understand is that the price tag means nothing literally. What we have to take a look at instead is the market cap. If Shiba crosses 0.01 dollars, not even 0.1 dollars but 0.01 dollars, its market capitalization would be more than 4 times what Bitcoin is today. It’s going to be worth far more than ethereum, the network upon which it’s based on. The question is – how realistic is that?

The people who claim that Shiba could hit 1 dollar are either just creating hype around it or don’t understand anything because, at that price, its market cap would be bigger than Bitcoin’s by 100 times. But to be honest, at this point, nothing surprises me. What I don’t like about riding a hype is that – it’s pure gambling. You control nothing. If you don’t get out on time, you will lose everything. Few people make fortunes while the vast majority lose their barely saved few thousand dollars. If you want to get into crypto, Go ahead and do it, we are still in the early days of crypto. But if you want to get into the stock market.

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