15 Things Wealthy People Don’t Do

15 things wealthy people don’t do make a man.  And if there’s one thing that sets apart the rich from the poor it’d be their actions. Here’s a list of 15 things that rich people will never do and If you want to be wealthy, you should probably pay attention to it and I’m sure you’ll find a few habits worth adopting.

15 Things Wealthy People Don’t Do

1. The Rich Never stick in the same position

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For most people, the sky is the limit but for the rich, they purpose to challenge these limits.
The rich hate stagnation. They are never at peace even as their businesses thrive and their targets are met, they still hope for more. Aiming for the highest and never settling for less. And once their current goals are achieved, they will set their next goals at an even higher level.

This enables them to not only explore new possibilities but to keep on climbing the ladder of success. Having a flexible and versatile mind prevents them from sticking to one place that could potentially be disadvantageous in the dynamic world of today.

2. The Rich are not selfish

Rich people enjoy their achievements but are also very generous to the less privileged ones. Rich people thrive on the joy that comes with giving to charity. Since most of them clawed their way up the ladder of success from the bottom they empathize with the less fortunate.

They, therefore, offer support by engaging in various charitable and philanthropic activities that give back to society, like the betterment of public services in the health and education sectors. This feels especially justified and noble since wealth concentration is one of the causes of economic inequity in the world. Although this is not common to all rich people, some of them are very much involved; even joining in the giving pledge which is a campaign that encourages the wealthy to give a major portion of their wealth to philanthropic causes with noteworthy examples being Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

3. The Rich Never stay without a mentor

Rich people always have mentors. In the records of success.com, 93% of the rich attributed their success to mentors. Sometimes even are their source of inspiration and motivation. Mentoring ensures that knowledge, experience, and hard-won insight transfer from one person to another.

The rich people benefit from this as they’ve had mentors to guide them on their way up. It is rare that you find millionaires making it on their own. There is always a helping hand behind the scene that supports and guides them on the right way to success. Even Warren Buffet values Benjamin Graham as his mentor stating that it was he who shaped his career.

4. The Rich Never despise their work

Most millionaires are successful because they do what they love. They are passionate about their work. They become more fulfilled and fruitful in doing what they love and this only makes them wealthier. Loving what you do only makes you more productive and improves your overall performance. Rich people are very much inspired by making money out of what they love. They are optimistic and are able to make better decisions.

They are happy people because they love what they do and in this way, it is easier for them to overcome any obstacles on their way to success, even accepting losses as part of experience gained.

5. The Rich Never believe in luck

The rich people do not believe that things just happen. They know they have to put in a lot of work and effort. To them, nothing comes on a silver platter. It’s no wonder millionaires wake very early when most of the poor are still asleep, and start strategizing and planning for the day.

The rich will not waste their time and money in casinos trying their luck. They do not sit and wait for a miracle to happen. Even if it is hard work all through, making the right decision always pays. This is how the rich earned their success and wealth. By inventing an idea, investing in it, and working hard to realize it. The process might not have been all that smooth running but with patience, self-discipline, and persistence they made it.

6. The Rich Never waste time on entertainment

Yes, the rich may have all the money in the world and can afford any kind of entertainment within their homes or outside but they simply do not have time for it. Rich people have no time to lie on a sofa seat and watch television. Playing games and drinking in social joints is a thing of the past. It is not that they are proud but all their time and effort is focused on achieving their goals.

Every single minute to them counts. They value time and wasting it by watching television as a pastime is taboo. As they say, “time is money”. If they are not working, they are busy attending business forums where they gain more knowledge. Business forums are good grounds for networking and getting more business ideas. This helps them to become sharper in the areas of their specialty, and by extension wealthier.

7. The Rich Never fail to set goals

Millionaires are very organized people and they know the importance of setting goals. Setting goals motivates and enables one to maintain focus. When you set a goal, you are able to engage all your efforts and avoid distractions that detract your momentum. As such it is rare to find rich people without goals.

Goals are what give them purpose and inspiration. Helping them to keep going until they succeed. To ensure this they always have a to-do list for the day or for a specific period of time. A list of things to do is like a road map to your destination and you can never go wrong with it.

Many rich people do not leave this list behind as it helps ground their actions against distractions. Their goal setting not only applies to their lives but also their businesses as well. No company or corporation will operate without any clearly defined vision or mission.

8. The Rich Never waste money

The rich people know how to properly manage their hard-earned money without misusing it. They have made so many sacrifices to get to where they are so obviously money is valuable to them. Rich people do not splurge their wealth unnecessarily. They try to avoid living extravagant lives. The rich love to invest in their health and future very much. We’re not talking about the flashy new money millionaires who have a record of being extravagant with the most recent cars and expensive jewelry.

Most of them end up broke after a few years of sustaining such a lifestyle. We’re talking about the wealthy people who have had the money for years and understand the value of every single penny. And even if they spend on luxuries, they have a way of earning the spent money back. Those are the ones who are able to maintain their financial status.

9. The Rich Never allow money to lie idle in banks

The rich people do not keep their money idle in banks. They look for ways to invest and make their money work for them. Your idle money in the bank only benefits the bank. Millionaires mostly invest their money in real estate, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, or anything else known to add value with time.

This always leads them to earn more and more returns. The poor are the ones who keep the little they have in banks because they have no idea what to do with it or fear losing it if they dare invest it in any way.

10. The Rich Never have debts or credit balances

Rich people are not careless when it comes to their financial status. They try their best to keep away from credit card balances. They do not like debts with high-interest rates. They avoid anything that will bring subtraction from their finances. The rich people pay their monthly bills in full balances and they keenly monitor their credit cards to avoid any problems in paying their credit cards along with the interests that accrue. In case they have problems in paying their credit card, they reduce their expenses.

11. The Rich Never stop learning

The rich are avid learners. They make sure to stay updated and keep learning necessary skills or any new knowledge that can contribute to their success. Self-discipline is an important aspect of their lives. The rich are patient and persistent in their endeavors. When they fail, they do not stay there but try different paths until they succeed. Being is aware that failing is not the end of the road but the beginning of another trial, the rich find it very important to invest energy, time, and money in improving themselves.

It is the most rewarding thing they believe they can do for themselves. From reading many books throughout the year to attending several courses and forums, who they are at the beginning of the year isn’t the same person they are at the end. This is a lifetime investment that they continually make throughout their lives.

12. The Rich Never let fear take control

Fear is the most hazardous thing to success. If the rich were to let fear control them, they would not be successful at all. Fear will suck all your energy and leave you weak and confused. It is the enemy of progress as It will prevent you from outputting your true potential thereby crippling your desired results. That is why the rich do not allow fear to take over their lives and paralyze them. It is almost impossible to avoid taking risks on the way to riches.

The rich people are bold and courageous and that is what makes them achievers. There are many people that would have joined the millionaire’s club but fear got hold of them. The rich have no fear of investing their money where they anticipate they will reap bountifully. Once they make up their minds they will dive into it without fear.

13. The Rich Never Mingle With Just Anyone This is the truth

Ever noticed that when someone gets rich, they end up leaving their friends and acquaintances behind? Well sometimes it’s not intentional, they just end up not having much in common anymore. Some people may argue that they are being prideful and are looking down on people but the hard truth is these two groups of people are not on the same level.

Rich people enjoy the company of other rich people as this is where new opportunities emerge and personal growth and development are invoked. So next time your friend gets wealthy and you end up not talking much, don’t take it personally, just up your game work harder and smarter.

14. Never overlook their health

While low-income people may have their diets spiraling out of control with junk foods and all, rich people never overlook their health. Be it nutrition or exercise. They understand that their bodies are their greatest investment and the most important capital is health.
Leading a healthy lifestyle has numerous benefits, both in the short term and long term. It not only reduces the risk of certain diseases it also boosts productivity and overall performance. The rich want to ensure they are fit enough for the race of riches. They, therefore, work out regularly and ensure they eat well.

15. Never let emotions affect their judgment

Although feelings are part of the human experience and leaving them out of decision making, judgment and interaction are close to impossible, the rich do not let it affect their judgment. Emotions can get in the way of making a logical and sound decision as they cloud the senses of a person.

Especially anger which can make one irrational. Nonetheless, the rich who have successfully created their own businesses know that some decisions made must be prudent enough to bring the desired effect. Their role in supervising various employees equip them with a considerable level of E.Q to be able to handle each person involved. And even as they prevent the emotions from clouding their judgment, they still acknowledge emotions, modulate the highs and lows and integrate them so that they can act with more positive intent, productive motivation, and awareness of their associates and all around them. So there you have it. Those are the 15 things that rich people never do.

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