7 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Increase Productivity

Ways to Stop Procrastination and Increase Productivity – Coronavirus is still here and is stopping many from achieving their goals and it’s not just because you can’t travel it’s all about procrastination. I’m not here to blame you for wasting time, normally, these are challenging times and it’s perfectly normal to get distracted and take your mind off the serious stuff for a while. But it’s been a long time since it’s all started and it’s time to move on. It’s getting pretty frustrating even procrastinating becomes boring after a while.

There are so many things that you can start doing today to improve yourself and I’m not necessarily talking about money. I’m talking about a better version of your body and your mind. Instead, you’re on the sofa eating chips and scrolling through useless Instagram posts. Now here’s the thing that most people won’t tell you. Strategies to help you end procrastination exist but there’s no magical formula that will make you the most effective person alive. So now let’s look into some of these strategies.

7 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Increase Productivity

1. Willpower

The first thing you need to do is train your willpower. The reason you can’t seem to start doing what you’re supposed to be doing is you don’t have enough willpower. It’s a little fight between you and yourself. Who’s going to win the productive side of you or the lazy one. Every time the productive side wins you increase your willpower. With time it will become easier and easier to get yourself out of bed and start doing useful stuff. So how do you improve your willpower?

By doing things you don’t want to do duh but instead of starting with a huge five-hour task you should start small the weaker the willpower the harder it will be to commit to big tasks. If your willpower isn’t trained you should start with small missions. For example, instead of committing to 5 hours of work commit to 10 minutes just tell yourself right, I’ll put my phone in that cookie jar and for the next minutes I’m going to work after 10 minutes I can return to my Instagram. If after 10 minutes you don’t feel like working anymore you can stop but you’ve achieved a little task well done. So the next time you do this make it 15 minutes 20 then 30 one hour with a 5-minute break after every 20 or 15 minutes and so on see where I’m going with this there are other ways to train your willpower.

For example, you can use food if you eat a lot of useless things like cookies cake sweets and fast food just stop that for one day. Just don’t eat bad things for one day and boom willpower improved. One of the best ways to improve your willpower is to do extremely uncomfortable things like a cold shower. Let’s talk about cold showers.

2. Cold Showers

Cold showers are well known in the self-help world, but very few people take them why because they’re the worst. Waking up in the morning and having to take an ice-cold shower doesn’t seem very attractive but it’s worth it. Cold showers have both physical and psychological benefits. Cold showers refresh your mind, you have a lot of stuff on your mind and sometimes you feel stressed taking a cold shower will take your mind off anything. Trust me you’ll focus on the temperature once you step under the cold water once that’s done you’ll feel fresh woken up and ready for anything.

They improve your confidence. You know what gives you a huge amount of confidence success. That’s why having small successes daily can help you improve motivation and confidence. Self-esteem can help you challenge the world every day taking a cold shower first thing in the morning is a little success that will motivate you for the whole day don’t believe me try it. From a procrastinating point of view, it will help you dramatically with willpower and motivation. It’s like when your pc doesn’t work so you turn it off and on again and that’s what happens to your mind basically but how do you find the willpower to step under the cold water. Well you count to three and you’re in, I’m going to explain why this works in a minute.

First, I have a little piece of advice for you, many think that they can just gradually decrease the temperature of the water but that’s not as effective. Also when you’re about to go under the ice-cold water breathe in very deep and brace yourself for a little shock.

3. The Three Second Rule

There’s a woman named Mel Robbins she’s a motivational speaker and she
wrote the book the five-second rule, it’s a very effective rule but I would like you to think of it as a three-second rule. It’s proven more effective for me and I think it will be the same for you. Here’s how it works whenever you have to do something you don’t think about it. You just do it you count to three and it’s already too late to talk yourself out of it because you’re already doing it. In the case of cold showers if you sit there and think about it your brain will go oh well don’t worry about it you can do it tomorrow you don’t have to start today it’s just too much and there you go you’re not gonna do it because you’re coming up with excuses just take your clothes off the count to three and get to it.

One, Two, Three, you’re in no worries don’t even think just one two three you’re already under the cold water. Apply this to your daily activities and after a while, it will become such an effective tool that you’ll even be afraid to use it because you know that it will just work. The reason why this works is simple our brain is made to keep us all comfy. It wants to avoid all risks all kinds of pain and work. It just wants to consume content relax all day and chill. You know, what I’m talking about is if you rationalize all your tasks you’ll come up with excuses our brain is good. At coming up with them so trust me don’t trust your brain.

4. Forgive Yourself and Start Over

I’m surprised almost no one talks about how important this is. If you feel sorry for yourself and blame yourself for being lazy all the time you’ll be in a negative state of mind this will kill your motivation and ruin your productivity. The first step is to recognize that you are procrastinating don’t be a child about it just acknowledge that you’ve been wasting your time and move on. Say this to yourself “oh I’m procrastinating right now I should probably stop” then you need to forgive yourself for all the time you’ve wasted. It’s in the past don’t let it ruin your future don’t ignore your mistakes but use them to fuel your motivation.

Starting over a fresh start is always a huge motivation combine this with cold showers and it’s like rebooting your life. Now a huge disclaimer doesn’t let forgiving yourself become a reason to keep procrastinating. That’s a consequence of using this irresponsibly, if you do that it’ll lose effectiveness and you’ll be even more stuck in the rut than you are now so be careful there.

5. Eliminate Your Distractions Like a Disease

Distractions are like a disease they take over your life they might even act from behind the curtains and while you think you’re being productive you’re just being busy. Anything that isn’t taking you closer to your goals is a waste of time and a distraction. I want you to think about this more strategically. It’s easy to classify anything as productive. If you think like this well here’s the thing I’m scrolling through social media and that’s a waste of time for most people but not for me because I occasionally find posts on business mindset.

So it has to be useful to see where I’m going with this so to avoid the issue you’re not just going to take action. You’re going to take massive action only these are the hardest activities that you don’t want to do. But that is taking you closer to your goal faster than all the others. Anything that is not massive action is to be delegated or eliminated from your life. Delegating is also a skill actually if you don’t have money to delegate activities here’s an alternative.

6. The Seven Day Activity Check

For the next week starting with Monday or Sunday, I want you to keep an alarm every 30 minutes all the time except when you’re sleeping obviously. Keep a notebook or use your smartphone to take notes on this every 30 minutes write down what you’ve been doing. Doesn’t matter if you’re in school, eating, working. Out you must do this after seven days you’ll have a huge list of activities and you have to take the time to go over all of them. Add up the time and see how much time you spent doing what maybe you’ve spent 40 hours working, 5 hours working out, 50 hours sleeping, and so on.

After you have all the activities you need to categorize them into three buckets. Productive activities, that are taking you closer to your goals. Neutral things that waste your time but aren’t taking you closer or further away from the goals. All unproductive and neutral activities need to be eliminated if there are things that you just have to do like commuting and eating turn them into something positive. Maybe you can listen to an audiobook while driving reading a book while commuting by train instead of using your phone and so on.

7. Burn All Boats

If you can’t procrastinate you won’t, for example, if you’re a student and you live with your parents move out. If you’re on your own and they aren’t paying for your stuff you have no choice but to work. If you don’t you’ll have to live on the streets or live through the humiliation of going back to your parent’s house.

In conclusion, all these strategies are highly effective and they will help you if you apply them. But here’s a reminder you and only you are the masters of your time. There’s no magic trick to make things happen, you need to understand that if you won’t do something about it. It will likely be like this forever, there’s never an easy time to make a hard decision, if working is difficult now it will also be difficult tomorrow, next week next month, and next year nothing will magically fix your procrastination except for discipline and practicing willpower.

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